Pizzi: Chile’s Trip Still Long

Pizzi: Chile’s Trip Still Long

Manager Antonio Pizzi, considers his Chilean side still have a long trip in South American World Cup qualifying.

Friday morning, Arturo Vidal and colleagues successfully scored a 2-1 victory over Ecuador’s opponent, thanks to Vargas and Alexis Sanchez.

Despite a successful victory over Ecuador, Pizzi has confidence Chile will soon undergo a difficult game.

Pizzi claimed to be happy with the performance shown by his child during the World Cup qualifying.

In an interview, Pizzi said “I think Chile should keep fighting together.”

“Chile is a very strong club. For that I feel sure I can screw all the matches. ”

“Not only does Chile have to keep fighting for success.”

“That’s because Chile still has a long trip in World Cup qualifying.”

“We will continue to strive for victory with tremendous tactics.”

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